Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Daniel Bong Bong do your work la. Yes, no more Facebooking now. But its ok, dont cry.

To add on what ODS said in the post below, there is also:
1. Science WS
2. Maths Ace-Learning
3. Hist essay and WS
4. ADMT Design Journal, Prototype, and Multimedia Presentation by FRIDAY, 6 OCT 2010, 12.30PM OR YOU WILL FAIL ADMT BADLY.
5. For those who "forgot" or "did not had time to do" the Geog Hmk (Lesson 11) copy the ENTIRE Journal 5 TIMES. YES. 5 TIMES, BY TMR 8.00AM.
If there is anymore Hmk, post on the comments section below.

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