Saturday, August 28, 2010

Homework for the weekend

1) Complete the 3 questions and the table in Activity 3 of the Maths worksheet(Pg 4&5).

2) There is homework on the Ace Learning Portal. Go check your Ace Learning Portal and do the test/revision.

3) Submit your Chinese Performance Task by this Friday using either a CD or put it into the submit folder.

4) There will also be a Chinese and Maths test this Monday. Please study for the tests.

5) Also, do up a presentation for Biology on your observations in the different tests, eg. proteins test, starch test, etc. Reminder - There will also be a Biology test this Friday. Please study for it as well.

6) Download the Geography Lesson 10 from the Geography Google site and read it. Also, complete Activity 1.

7) History - Do the essay on the British Weaknesses. This essay must be 3 paragraphs long.

8) ADMT - For those who had not present, complete your presentations by the nest ADMT lesson.

9) ICT- Complete ICT Garageband about your dedication to the teachers.

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