Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emergency Relay System & Temperature taking

Hi all,

Please remember the Emergency relay system, the last person from the list, please feedback to the first name in the level. That is, when the last person from Level 3 gets the message, inform the 1st person in Level 3 that you have recieved the message.

So, when Abram, Brendon, Jonathan, Chain You, Ray Chow gets the message from
(Abram from Ming Yong, Brendon from Joel, Jonathan from Mirza, Chen You from Mikhael, Ray chow from JQ) the last person the list, please inform the Level 2 people above you. The Level 2 people will call me to inform me that the people under them have received the message.

Next, please bring your ODT (Digital Thermometer) to school tomorrow. IMPORTANT!


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