Monday, April 12, 2010

Class Decorations

Dear 106s,
Below, I have indicated below the plan for our class decorations. Please take note of the day you have to stay back for this week. I have selected the days for you after looking at your CCA. Those  who have clashing activities, please meet me tomorrow so that I make final amendments. Thank you.
Abu Ubaidah
P.S- When groups with 5 people finish their tasks and still have time left, they should help the people doing the larger noticeboards

Cross Country-Abram,Jake (2) Wednesday 12.30-3.00
Media Club-Abu(1) Wednesday 12.30-3.30
Cricket-Akhil, Jia Ler, Ronak (3) Wednesday 12.30-3.00
Badminton- Bevan, Ming Yong, Brendon and Chen Yu (4)Wednesday 12.30-3.30
Guitar Ensemble- Heo Yub,Jonathan, Mirza, Ray (4)Thursday 4.30-5.30
Floorball-Izzat,Hao Ming,Mikhael (3)Thursday 4.30-5.30
Robotics- Joel, Jin Qian (2) Thursday 4.30-5.30
Soccer- Matthias, Ding Shan (2)Wednesday 12.30-3.00
Wushu- Siah Wei, Daniel (1) Thursday 4.30-5.30-Daniel is absent

Right Notice Board- Floorball, Robotics,Wushu
Back Notice Board- Guitar Ensemble and Soccer
Front Notice Board 1- Cross Country and Cricket
Front Notice Board 2- Media Club and Badminton
Material Sourcing- Abu, Bevan, Ding Shan

The right notice Board must be decorated with the 10 Cs, School Vision and Values

The Back Notice Board should have the class policy, logo and Class name.(Logo can be on the wall above it)

The front notice board 1-should have a duty roster and an 'events' column in which students can pin down announcements

The front notice board 2- Class Identity: Name of every student must be here and it must contain our class logo as well.

Extras*-Front Notice Board 1 and 2 groups.

*Extras-At the wall just on top of the front noticeboard one, we will put the symbols 'S 1' and on top of Front noticeboard 2, '0 6'.


  1. Abu im in soccer too. And... can you roughly draw a picture of what you intend it to look like so that we will not have any mistakes or misunderstandings in the decorations and not everyone may like that proposal so... show your class the proposal and if everyone agree on the final product then we start is that ok? not trying to criticize but just trying to suggest =D

  2. Ya umm... i cant stay back on thursday but maybe some people who cant stay back after school meet during recess or lunch or both and do some decorations?