Tuesday, March 2, 2010

from the S&W committee

This is some things the S&W committee will like to tell the class:

1) Our vision is to help everyone in the class to be healthy, and those who fail their NAPHA Test.

2) We will update the class with any information that needed to be told the class and if you have any questions please approach us.

3) These are the events t...hat will be coming up,

30 April - track and field meet
May - sports carnival 1
August - SST YOG Challenge
November - sports carnival 2.

we will need some suggestions for the SST YOG Challenge. it must be special, involve at least the whole school and parents and not be a usual sport.We also need input on how we can help the overweight in our class. If you have any suggestions for us, please post it as a comment.

Done by the S&W committee--Matthias, Jia Ler, Joel, Brendon and Izzat