Monday, March 29, 2010

CEP Term 2 Week 2 - The 10Cs in me

Dear 106s,

After looking at the 10 Cs listed for each of the role model in the stories of Spirit of Enterprise, post under "Comment" after thinking through the following questions.

1) What are some of the 10 Cs that you have demonstrated in your learning in SST so far?

2) Which are some of the 10 Cs that you think you need to further develop them and why?


  1. I have demonstrated creativity, courage, confidence and collaborative skills in my learning in SST so far. I think that I need to further develop on all of the 10 Cs so that I can be successful in doing project work with friends.

  2. 1) I think that I have demonstrated creativity, commitment, cross-cultural understanding and critical thinking.
    2) I think I am lacking in the rest of the other 6 Cs and also still need to further develop those that I stated.

  3. 1. I think that I have demonstrated creativity,critical thinking,commitment,courage and collaborative skills.
    2. I need to further develop on all the others which i have not demonstrated and continue to further develop on the 5cs that i have already demonstrated.

  4. I have portrayed creativity, critical thinking, collaborative skills, intellectual curiosity, citizenship and ethics, as well as cross-cultural understanding in my journey in SST.

    I need to be more committed in my work, and have the courage and confidence to venture forth. I also need to improve my communication skills at all levels to receive constant motivation.


  5. I have demostrated courage, confidence, interlectual curiosity, collaboratice skills.

    I will have to work on the other 6cs and put in effort to improve. I will also try to improve on the 4cs which I have already demostrated.

    Brendon Goh

  6. 1) I have demonstrated creativity, critical thinking, confidence, collaborative skills and intellectual curiosity.
    2) I need to further develop on the rest of the C's so that I have all the skills required to be successful.

  7. 1)I have demonstrated creativity,critical thinking,confidence,collaborative skills and commitment.
    2)As I still lack of the other Cs,I would continue to work harder in order to attain success by having all these values.