Monday, February 22, 2010

CE lesson 22 Feb 2010

1.Some people are good at starting things, others at finishing things. Which one are you? Why?

2. What kinds of things do you need to do each day in order to feel like your day is a success?

Write your responses as a comment. Thank you. :)


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  2. 1st =)

    I am the one who started things. I have a very loud voice to start things.

    I need to bath to make the day a sucess because it makes me fresh for the next day's work.

  3. i think i am more of a finishing person as i cant think of ideas, only follow orders. So i depend on others to come up with the job and i do everything.

  4. 1.I am better at finishing things. I find it easier to improve rather than to make things.

    I need to finish or accomplish a project or build something.


  5. 1. I am good in starting things. I often have left-over homework undone and I still start on more stuff.

    2. Start things and finish them within a day and we can also do a near impossible task a complete it. Also we can also finish a task that we have been doing for a long time.

  6. 1) I am good at starting things.

    I get easily excited and want to do something. After a while, I got bored and do not want to continue doing it so I am not so good at finishing things.

    2) I do my homework, revise my work, eat a lot and sleep very early.

  7. I think I am a starting person, because i only know how to generate ideas, but i don't follow up. Get everything in proper order for the next day's activity.

  8. 1) Starting. It is because I like to do things first then let others do the rest.
    2) I would do the important things that I have to do.

  9. Chan Jia Ler

    I am good at starting things, because I am good at making a big mess of things.

    I must achieve something, or if everything goes to plan.

  10. 1. I am the one who finishes things as I usually need an idea of what is going on before I start doing whatever needs to be done.

    2. I usually need to complete my homework for each day to be a success.

  11. I am better at finishing things. Whenever people quarrel or fight, I will always go up to them and start to stop them from quarreling and fighting, then ask them what is happening and try to explain to them why they should not quarrel and fight. To make myself feel that my day is a success, I need to strive hard to achieve things that I had always want to achieve.

  12. Daniel Tan

    1.I am good at starting things as I am good at giving people a first impression but not a last impression
    2.I would need to do thing with progression and not procrastinate

  13. I prefer to start the project but not finishing it.
    It might be because I get "sian" or bored to continue it and that excitement will slowly become a burden.

    I need to ,well, play and when I level up I feel that I succeeded

  14. I am good at starting things as I can generate more ideas and I am also somehow fresh at the starting at any work. I can create a To-do list to accomplish or clear all the work I need to do in a day to feel successful.

    Ronak Mehta

  15. 1. I usually am good in finishing things as I am good in making decisions and settling things.
    2. I have to finish doing things that are important to me so that I will feel satisfied.

  16. 1)I am good at finishing things as I tend to find myself more focusing on completing the task than actually providing the spark of inspiration that kicks off the project.
    2)I need to ensure that I have lived my life to the fullest and had tried my best I could in everything I do.

  17. 1)I am the one who started things.I like to encourage people to help to continue the work and finishing together.

    2)I need have the duties or jobs i have completed.

  18. 1) I guess that I am relatively average at both.To be a good worker, you must be good at starting and finishing tasks well. It would not be a good piece of work if only one part of the task is done well.
    2) I must manage my time well, do all my work and submit it before its deadline to ensure that I get a peace of mind at the end of the day.
    Abu Ubaidah

  19. I prefer to do the end or the middle part.

    When I do all my work, spend time with my family and play, i feel like i have had a good day

  20. 1)I am good at finishing things as I already know the framework

    2)I need to be able to finish all my work and ensure that my parents are satisfied with my work.

  21. I prefer to start a project rather than finish it because I rather generate ideas and start a project but I don't usually like to follow through.

    I need to achieve something or if every goes to plan for the day.

  22. 1.Im good at starting things because for one its easier to start something than finishing it.For example if I start a project, I would suggest an idea and let my other members generate it. I would do the project with them but I won't really finish it totally.

    2.In my oppion I need to complete what I need to do for that day for my day to be a success. If not, I would not be able to sleep at night and end up waking up and doing it anyways.

  23. In my opinion, I am good at starting things as I can generate very creative ideas in a very short time.

    I must complete all my agenda of the day if not I will fell that my day is not complete.
    Best Regards,
    Bevan Koo.

  24. I am starting person.I have may ideas, often weird. It is also easier for me to get things started.

    I need to clear something, at least easy, to make it feel like a success.