Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today, we did many fun things such as making a cheer, playing the game 'All Aboard' , a scavenger hunt for words and a game to create 'lines' using whatever we had with us. 

Making a cheer

We were all very hesitant on chipping in but I did anyway. The best part is, when I was teaching my class the cheer, they did not listen. I feel that when someone is talking to you, you should at least listen. Then at the cheer, they said  "One Zero one zero one zero six" instead of  "One Oh one oh one oh six, one oh one oh one oh six, one oh one oh one oh six, and the best class marching on". That was definitely a bad flop for our class. 

All AboardScavenger Hunt 

For the game all aboard, the whole class was supposed to stand on two benches. This requires a lot of teamwork as 23 pupils had to fit onto two benches.dWe planned before doing anything and while on the benches, I felt as if I was practically flying.Five of my classmates were clinging onto me 'for dear life.'  But the great news is, we did it. Planing does work after all!

Scavenger Hunt 

The scavenger hunt was to write down names of items that we could find in the school. I think the most innovative answer was the Nike shoes that my friend was wearing as it was only a temporary item in the school. A  job well done- I think!

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