Monday, January 25, 2010

Character Education Lesson 25 Jan

Post your answers (as comments) to the following questions:

a. What does a person of good character look like?

b. How does one measure up to the description of a good character?

c. How would others say about the character of you as an individual?

d. In which area and how would you like to grow and develop in your character?

e. List your strengths.

f. List your ONE undesirable trait and what you can do to overcome it.

Refer to the Character Education site for more information.


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  2. He should look smart and with a lot of confidence.
    He can participate more and take up t
    he part of the leader to hone his leadership skills.
    They say that my character is questionable and I do not like to be a leader.
    I can offer myself to be the leader more or do more good deeds for a good character.

  3. a)He is smart looking as the leader represents the whole group.
    b) He thinks about others and about how to lead the group.
    c) They say that i get agitated easily.
    d) I will try to be more patient with people.
    e) confidence.
    f) bad temper, not patient.

    Brendon Goh

  4. a) He looks smart and confident and looks like he can lead.

    b) He is confident, can show leadership qualities and can lead anyone if he is told to.

    c) They would say that I have leadership skills and qualities and I put up a good example.

    d) I would like to learn more about leadership skills and how to lead.

    e) I can lead people in what to do, I can instruct them properly and I have confidence.

    f) I get angry very quickly.

    Ronak Mehta

  5. 1)He is neat and tidy,polite too.He also looks dependable.

    2)He leads well.

    3)They say I can cooperate with them well.

    4)I hope that i can do better in the things i do.

    5) I always try to do my best in most of the things I do.

    6)I am lazy.I can focus in my work.

  6. a.He looks kind and not sinister. b.He helps others and not bully people. c.They would say that I am sometimes over dominating. d.To be able to understand others and become a better follower and leader. e.I can be a good listener and leader at times. f.The ability to understand others and put myself into their shoes. Maybe I should interact with them more often.

  7. A person with good character will look civilised and not gangster like. One can match up to a descripton of a character not by following whatever he does but having the same atributes as him.

    People say that i am clumsy and disorganized.
    My strenghts are:I am good in maths, i am "kind hearted" and at least i dont go around beating ppl up.

    1 undesirable trait: I let my mouth run wild. I can overcome this by thinking before i say ANYTHING.

  8. a. A person of character can look anyhow because it is his character not his looks.
    b. He must set a good example to the rest of his group.
    c. They would say I am very irritating.
    d. I would like to be more self-confident.
    e. I am good at leading....... I think.
    f. I am short-tempered. I will learn how to control my anger.

  9. Continued (e and f)
    I try to do my best in what i like.
    I do not like responsibility and always avoid them. I should be more courageous.

  10. a. A person with good character usually has many friends around him, and he has an honest look on his face.
    b. He must be honest, kind, not power abusing and caring.
    c. I am forgetful.
    d. I want to be less quiet by talking to friends more,
    e. I am good in maths and science.
    f. I an quite forgetful sometimes and I can note things down to remember things.

    Chan Jia Ler

  11. A person with good character will look civilised and not gangster like. One can match up to a descripton of a character not by following whatever he does but having the same atributes as him.

    People say that i am lazy.
    My strenghts are:I am good in com stuff, and at least i dont go around beating ppl up.

  12. 1) The person should posses good attitude that a person have gave him.

    2)He can lead people very well

    3)I have good leadership skills.

    4)I want to be a Scientist

    5)I will do my best in everything i do.

    6)I like playing computer alot. I should read more books.

  13. a) He looks dependable is polite.
    b) He can lead whenever he is asked to and shows leadership qualities.
    c) They say that I am lazy.
    e) I instruct people clearly and properly so they have no doubts.
    f) I am lazy and I can attempt to do my work better

  14. a) A person with good character is a person who is well-behaved at all times, a person who know when to do what, like when to talk.
    b) To measure up to the description of good character, we had to be quiet while anyone is talking, including our friends.
    c) People will say that I am very quiet and that my behaviour is good, but sometimes they say I am naughty.
    d) I would want to improve my character by listening to others while they are talking(be more considerate) and also wait until they finish talking then I give my opinions.
    e) I am good in Science and Maths and also in swimming.
    f) I like to do things that people don't do in my leisure time. I will like to read books during my leisure time.

  15. 1) He looks neat, tidy, prim and proper.
    2)He follows the influence of his role model, who is most likely to be a good leader
    3)I would say that I am satisfactory at leading. Currently, I do have a role model and a good one he is too!
    4)I would like to be a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.
    5) I think I have the basic skills to lead a group, I am an optimist- pessimistic character in me is very rarely found and I am very weary on which people I choose as my friends. I have a touch on good music and drama.
    Abu Ubaidah

  16. a. A person of good character can look like anyone as everyone has a good character, just that sometimes people choose to be a bad person.
    b.One measures up to the description of a good character by doing what he or she thinks is right or doing what will benefit others.
    c.They would say I am talkative.
    d.I would like to be more confident.
    e.My strengths are: math and science
    f.My ONE undesirable trait is that I am not very patient and want the work to be completed quickly.I can overcome that by being more patient.

  17. a) A person of good character would look smart and neat.
    b) He must be a good role model to the group.
    c) People think that I can be a good leader but I must not play around.
    d) I would want to focus on my work when I lead.
    e) I can lead people as long as they collaborate with me.
    f) I would want to stop playing around when I work.

  18. a) A person of good character looks any way because it is not the look that makes a person of good character.
    b)By knowing the things that I am bad at and improving on it.
    c)They would say that I am thin.
    d)I want to be a better person.
    e)Good at creating things, running, cycling, robotics, Lego
    f)Bad at Chinese. Practice more Chinese.Speak Chinese at home.

  19. a)He looks handsome,smart and confident.

    b)He should be a good role model.

    c)They say that they hope that I will lead them well.

    d)I would like to develop my character in not being forgetful.

    e)I am good at English and Science.

    f)I am not good at mother tongue and want to be better at it.

  20. a. He is kind and reasonable.
    b. He must set good examples for his team to
    c. They say I am irritating.
    d. I would like to stop being irritating.
    e. I am good at English and Mathematics.
    f. Sometimes I accidentally get people pissed off. I can be conscious of my behaviour.

    Yay not first!

  21. a)He looks smart and confident
    b)He thinks about others before himself
    c)They say I am a weird.
    d)I would like to understand peoples felling better
    e)My strengths are maths and science
    f)I can sometimes be irritating.I can try to be more conscious of peoples feelings