Monday, January 4, 2010

“Bridge Building Activity – Debrief: Name of Team”

Hi Mr Aidil.

Today, my group had decided to build a transporter bridge.

1.We collaborated quite well in the group while planning and building the bridge.
2.When there is a flaw in our bridge, someone would immediately point it out. Everyone was also cooperating with each other and communicating excellently without arguing and offending others.  
3.We could not complete our bridge on time because we got a big problem deciding on which type of bridge and the movement of the bridge did not work that well. We could have worked more on that part of bridge and solve the problem. 
4.We could have discussed and agreed on the same idea and change it if necessary.
Everybody shared the responsibility of doing the project equally.

Yours Sincerely,
Bevan Koo, Heo Yub, Jonathan Phang, Mirza Dzulkarnain, Daniel Tan.

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